15th of August.

On the occasion of India’s 70th Independence day, Indian citizens, I believe, need to reflect on the role they’re playing as citizens and whether they truly are loving this country of theirs.

Its surprising how, the desh bhakti is these days,  restricted to social media only, with news feed overflowing with “Happy Independence Day!” statuses. Each of them with 40+ likes and comments.

Then we have people rejoicing the holiday, because “School closed! Office closed! No Tuition! Shopping?” And then people like me, who have a lot planned out for today, because they have all day to themselves, and need to finish homework.

How can I even forget the ones that wake up early and go down to the complex flag hoisting and take part in the sporting events? :’)

Here, I’d like to say that I’m not against the routine we plan out for this annual national holiday. I’m questioning the way we all look at Independence Day. We all know about the great freedom fighters who laid down their lives for the freedom of this country. For them, freedom meant being able to govern themselves. When we stand up and salute them, is it merely an exercise we’re performing or are we really appreciating their thoughts on freedom? Are we really understanding the true essence of freedom of our Country?

Its time we think about where and how we’re bonded with this country. Think about what we can do as citizens and make them freedom fighters proud (and not just say how brave they are).

This year, and the year after and the year after that, think about what little things you can do for this country and don’t hesitate, do it. Make Independence a year long event rather than a one day feeling of pride. Take to posting on social media only when you know when you’ve been a good citizen. Give yourself that pat on the back every 15th August.

Happy Independence Day 🙂




Dear Reader,
For the past few months my life has felt new and broken beyond compare. New places.New faces. And, quite surprisingly, new feelings.Yes, I’m feeling things I’ve never felt before. And they’re being requited. My emotions are being sung to. We’re making music. We’re making history. We’re making love. We’re making magic in a place that’s intended to be a dungeon.
Ive been challenged- books are trying to break me. Ranging from unattainable goals to chasing time. My life’s wafting. It just started raining outside. But, I feel alive. There is sparkling clarity in my mind. I know precisely what i want, when I want it and who I want it from.
I’ve found a person I want to keep forever. He believes in me more than he believes in himself. I feel a connection. I feel loved. I feel like a better version of myself. And I wouldn’t want to label what we have because emotional strength and spiritual connect of such beauty shouldn’t be confined to boxes.

I know we love each other. We were meant to meet. Who cares what people say?

Much love,