Feed Your Dreams.


She’s complacent, she’s warm. She’s the spring sunshine and the morning dew. She’s your cup of hot chocolate on a very rainy day. She’s calm, and she knows. As old as the mountains, she’s your person to go to and lay down and let go. She’s like the ecstatic mother who hasn’t seen her offspring in ages and wants to treat him like royalty.

Oh, and she’ll never let you feel unrequited love. ♥



You could actually do really well with her in your life ~ she’s the friend you go on road trips with, and the friend you get drunk with. She encourages your whims and fancies; she tolerates your pulse with a smile on her face. She’s your “Somebody to lean on” — the strongest shoulder you’ve ever known.

She loves, laughs and lives. And she exemplifies unconditional love. ∞



She’ll stay up late for you, her streets thrown with life, jewel like. She’ll swallow you whole, her indomitable spirit giving you strength, but also your lullaby. She’ll teach you; teach you to grow, teach you to fight.

Sophisticated, yet ferocious, London~ she’ll dare you to be. §



She’s your planner, she’s your alarm clock. Also, your daily source of motivation. She’s the one figure in your life who’s constantly pushing you to do endlessly outshine yourself. She wants you to know what you want and strive towards it. She wants you to get best of everything, no matter what it takes.

And at the end of the busy, busy, busy day, she wants you to sit next to her in a red dress, champagne in hand, lifting a toast to life. ♠



She’s the friend…you want to make. She’s attractive, she’s dreamy. With a free spirit and a laugh with a million tales in it, she’s The One. Perhaps, she’ll be nice to you, perhaps she’ll be a close friend. Perhaps, she’s going to treat you to the best experiences and give you a lifetime of memories.

She prances by, giggling, and you only wish you had the courage to go and shake hands with her. ξ


•» Choose where you belong and which friend you need. Choose the one that is a reflection of your personality.

Go on, Feed your Dreams. «•


~ Ushashi

What is it like? ◊

What does it feel like, to be a story, a tale;                                                                                                  to have words etched upon you?


Words that define you, words as building blocks of your soul?

To have a new chapter, narrated everyday, day after day,                                                                      to be an endless novel?


To unveil a new twist with every page, to dance to the magic of your creator?

What is it like, to not know your fate,                                                                                                          and yet, relentlessly lure souls to the world you’ve conjured?


What is it like, to be legendary; to be the knight in shining armor; galloping across streams of words?

To be able to sound louder than the steady beat of the heart,                                                              to be able to make the pain go away?


What does it feel like, to remind us all, that there’s more to life,                                                      than what we merely see?