The Year That Was.


This year has been so surprisingly horrible for the world at large that we are slightly ashamed to admit that we’re happy 2016 happened, that 2016 was a good year for us. And like each year, we’ve learned myriad things this year. So, here goes. A few things to believe before we start anew-

1. You are beautiful. Maybe not pretty but beautiful all the same. Beauty lies behind what someone looks like. You’re beautiful for all the times you’ve helped someone. You’re beautiful for all the times you’ve supported a cause. You’re beautiful for all the times you’ve been kind. You’re beautiful.

2. There is someone out there who loves you. Stop thinking about finding your other half for a minute, and look around. You’ll see how hard Maa tries to make your food tasty everyday. You’ll see how your giggly friend cracks the most lame jokes when you’re upset just to see you smile. You’ll see how your brother bullies you a little less on your bad days. You’ll see that love is all encompassing. You’ll see how it is a form of energy that is endless. That it envelopes you.

3. You can achieve what you think you can. You are not a score, a grade, a remark. You are yourself-one of a kind, flesh laced with magic. You just need to believe. Your father might find new ways each day to be disappointed in you but you know what you’re capable of. You know there’s a long road, just have to see it to walk it. And trust me, you will.

4. People matter. Your friends, your teachers and everyone else- can you imagine what you’d be without them? Your bullies matter. The junior who wishes you morning everyday matters. So stop assessing and assimilate instead. You know you’re better than this. Grow. Grow towards the light.

5. Trust your dreams and follow them. If there’s something you want to achieve, from the very bottom of your heart, stop everything now, shut out everyone who taunts you and do everything that’ll take you towards your dream. In the end, it’ll be worth it. The learning, the experience, the feeling. And don’t take congratulations from people who mocked you.

6. Move on. Sometimes, you love someone, something so much that it engulfs you and you forget yourself. Never make that mistake. No one deserves love more than the one you give yourself. Your heart will break, but you will carry on. Tomorrow will come. And every tomorrow is an opportunity for you to start over again. Take it.

“There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in,” – Leonard Cohen. 🙂

7. ‘Fear of Missing Out’ is not a real fear. There’s worse out there, ones that can scar you. FOMO was made by the internet and internet is not the reality. If there’s someone out there, celebrating, let them – be happy for them. Their life is not yours. Enjoy what’s with you, seize the moment you have. And on the same note, stop enjoying life for social media and start enjoying it for yourself. 

8. Keep faith and work hard. Don’t lose hope. Wait, believe.

Breathe in, breathe out.


Happy New Year – here’s to a wonderful year ahead.


~ The Misfits. ∞

Photo By: Anusha Das

Transient/ The Great Shall Fall.


Image result for autumn leaves tumblr

Everything fades. Everything flies. Like footsteps on a beach, stolen by the sea. Like young love, tucked away in the minds of the old and weary like a happy memory. Like humans and their inevitable end- the descent from bubbling warmth to cold flesh.

All passes with time. A notebook shall fly open, its pages running a mad race till the words stop telling a story. It shall then be shut- shut like the eyes of the dead, like the closed door of a broken heart. You and I- we are temporary.We are cosmic robots of flesh, in self destruct mode since conception. Our love will die. Our glory will be lost. Our history will be forgotten. The universe will cleanse itself of  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. It will spawn the new.

So I ask you to question your supremacy. I ask you to think about how you r brain- chemical fireworks and love intact- shall be squished under the feet of Nature.

I ask you to acknowledge that we are nothing more than leaves in the Fall, decaying and ephemeral.

~Adrija Dutta.

Picture source- tumblr.

Au Revoir ◊


And round comes the time in my life when I realise that I’m leaving. I’m about to leave behind yet another group of people, yet another place and yet another part of Me. When I left two years ago, I had dreams – I thought I’d keep in touch with him and her and everyone I barely said ‘Hi’ to. I knew home could and would be only one place, and I ardently believed that I would not have a ‘squad’ – as they call it – ever again. I believed that my life would come to a standstill, and I wouldn’t  survive without my best  friend. 
Now it’s time to leave again, but I’m different this time. I’m not making promises. I’m eager to make new friends, go on new adventures with them – make memories. I look forward to exploring new places, and I can vaguely picture my life, a few months from now. I now know, how to embrace the newness.


Here’s a little bit of learning, one worth keeping for a lifetime – Leaving hurts. You suddenly realise that you’re not going to see the same people again, take the path you took for years, hear the distinct pattern of the rain splattering on your roof, wake up to the sunlight burning through the window next to your bed. There’ll be new smells and new directions. Every little thing you encounter will take you back and your eyes will turn into leaking taps.

But the truth is, it’s not the end of the world. You’ll slowly, but steadily put all the broken pieces back together, even if it’s not the same way it used to be. And you’ll slowly start loving what you’ve created. It’ll begin to fit in to the new place and the new sun will heal the cracks. It’ll pain beyond measure and guilt will tear you down, but eventually, you will smile at the people, laugh at their jokes and will be happy to see them. Everything will begin to hold a new meaning, and trust me, the change is beautiful. It’ll redefine you as a person.

A year later, in retrospection, you’ll be thankful you left. Whatever you will become, wouldn’t have been possible if you hadn’t left. You’re accustomed to the smells and you’ve found a different essence of happiness and love and friendship.

And at the same time, you haven’t left. You cling on to the memories, still laughing at them, bringing them up every time you video call the old ones. You look at old pictures and sigh – “We had an incredible time.” 

When one day, you’ll the get the call – “Make the plans”, you’ll feel ecstatic and the moment it truly worth it. Tickets will be booked, reservations will be made. The arrival will be anticipated with great excitement. And when you meet, you’ll relive the past, and that’ll be everything. The pieces will re-orient themselves and you will find yourself in your old shoes all over again. And it’ll overwhelming – mostly because you’ll realise that you can be happy wherever you go and life doesn’t stop when you leave.

Leaving doesn’t hurt that much, after all.


Stay strong. Know in your heart that you will make it and you’ll be fine. And your best friend will too. ∞


~Ushashi ◊