On an average, 50 to 70 billion cells are produced in our bodies everyday.

The human body undergoes

10 quadrillion divisions in a lifetime;

And that,

is greater than the number of stars in the Milky Way.

Every minute, every second,

while a part of you decays,

a part of you grows.

You emerged from nothing but a pool,

a soup beneath the ocean,

Teeming with the first traces of what would make

The planet the most unique in the infinite expanse of darkness.

Your origins are greater than you think.

Life is larger than you think,

entrapped within 7 billion bodies.

So don’t ever say it’s worthless; don’t give up.

Life is not a mathematical value that always remains constant.

It is not a plateau you can walk on without your shoes.

And it is definitely not a roller-coaster that only goes up, my friend.

Life is valleys with high peaks and cliffhangers.

It makes you win, it makes you fail, it makes you learn.

It teaches you to push and pull, to pause and think,

but never stop.

So go on, take your time.

Breathe in, breathe out.

You’re growing.

You’re going.

~Ushashi Basu & Ashish Sharma

~Photo By : Anusha Das

Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

With you perpetually on the phone and the laptop, toiling away, and me buried within my textbooks, it has been quite some time since we’ve had a heart to heart conversation. And so, here I am.

I hope you know by now, that you are, undoubtedly, the kindest, the wisest and the funniest guiding light I could’ve ever asked for. With you and your love always behind me, I feel I could conquer the world, and still be your little girl.

Thank you, for having held on to my hand, in every journey I have taken, from my very first steps to this glorious day. I’d rather not have had anyone else to do so.

Thank you, for being my constant source of inspiration, for showing me in every way that the heart is always bigger and better than the mind.

Thank you, for not only letting me follow my dreams, but also working equally hard alongside me, to make them a reality. A father’s sacrifice often goes unnoticed, but it is a rather incomparable one.

Thank you, for teaching me to laugh and live, to make the most of life, to enjoy freedom wisely, and for every other lesson that may have seemed insignificant then, but you know in your heart will help me out in the long run.

Dad, I hope I have made you proud. In who I have become, and in everything I have achieved, academically and emotionally. This is not the end, obviously, for I promise I will continue to make you proud in every turn I take, in every new mystery of life I uncover.

It’s now time to let go, but please, never let go completely okay? I need you to be there to keep an eye on me, I need you to be there to hug my worries and tears away (and I need you to be there to pay my bills). But don’t worry about me too much. I’ll make it, just the way you taught me how to.

And I’ll still call every night during dinner to hear you crack the most terrible dad jokes (yes, I admit they’re good).

Take care of yourself.


— All the love in the world,

Your Princess ♥


~Ushashi Basu