To Alfred, the best thing in my lifetime of good things.


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The room is aglow with the light of a thousand suns,

But I do not see.

I ebb and flow and ebb and flow.

We all fall into the rhythm of the mundane

The air is pungent with the richest fragrance

But I do not notice

I soldier and I soldier on

We are all slaves to the ticking clock

The ground glisters with the gold of our dreams

But I do not understand

I tangle and untangle

Words on paper, numbers on paper

Our hearts throb with the purest love there is

But I do not feel

We are all unfeeling prisoners of flesh

Only when my cold heart

is touched with a paw of innocence

Do i give it a passing glance.

And there you stand

amidst the gold and lavender and blood

panting, drooling, leaping in the air.

You nestle your head

in the very depths of my soul

You nap in the lap of our affection

Only when we have you

do we have love.

~ Adrija Dutta