monstrous & magnificent

On my flight back from Dubrovnik,

I looked out into the night sky, trying to

make out the line between ocean and land

and instead, fell into a reverie,

marveling at the enormity of the things we’re surrounded by.



How infinite the universe is,

ever-expanding and stretching invisible boundaries;

phenomena and numbers that constantly

eclipse our faint existence.



How limitless the oceans are,

ebullient life at unfathomable depths;

calm and catastrophic at the same time,

in all its million shades of blue.



How diverse the human population is,

7 billion facesĀ  and 4 new every second;

that one day our paths will entangle with

someone special hidden in this multitude.



How incalculable the number of cells in our body are

each of them a robust machine,

crucial in our strife

to human and to exist.



How many roads and rail-lines there are,

spread across unknown lands,

connecting people we know nothing of

and kindred spirits we know everything about.


And at how,

the universe and the ocean

and humans and roads and cells

have nothing in common with each other

and yet, are united by their colossal magnitude.




~ Ushashi


Photo by: Haseeb Ahmed (